Membership details

To ensure that we have the correct contact details for you, please provide the information requested via the online membership application.

If you are under 16 please ask your parent or guardian to complete the form. We will use the information you provide to ensure that you are kept informed about club events, and for emergency contact information.


  • Standing Order Form - please note for security reasons our bank details are not on the form please send us a request for the bank account information via the contact us page


To complete the SO form, the Account details section is your bank details. the payee section is for our bank details, Meridian Judo Club is the name of the organisation, please ensure you use members full name as the reference in this section. Please set payments as monthly, once completed this is returned to your bank.


if you use online banking you just need our bank details to set up an online standing order you do not need to complete the form.


Please also read the Health & Safety Notes, Parent Club Agreement, and Club Rules.


For current Mat fee rates visit the Grading and Mat Fees page.